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Contest Monthly Winners

The 2014 June Winner
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Country Girl ® - June 2014


Anna Miglio - 25 - Cape May, NJ


I'm just me. We grew up stirring up trouble back in the woods, having bonfires and a couple beers with good friends. Long nights with the radio cranked up, singing skynyrd and toby keith at the top of our lungs. I'll take dirt roads and woods over the city any day. There's nothing quite like the smell of fall when the leaves drop, and that first crisp morning walking out to your deerstand. Country to me is a state of mind, whether its cruising through the woods in my truck or relaxing out on the water.





The 2014 May Winner
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Country Girl ® - May 2014


Stacy Thomas - 37 - Oconomowoc, WI


"You can't buy it you're born with it in your soul!! You can take the girl outta the country but can't take the country outta the girl!! I was country b4 country was cool. I love nature , guns , bows, football , hockey (all sports) & my all time fav is fishing ! Love my hats and boots!! I'm laid back and my favorite days are spent outdoors!!! "





The 2014 April Winner
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Country Girl ® - April 2014


Lauren DeSino: Chico, CA Age: 24


I have always loved being in the outdoors and everything that goes along with it! I've grown up playing football, going fishing, and hanging with the boys, and to this day I still love it. My childhood gave me the confidence to compete with the boys and the ability to know I can do anything I put my mind to! I have been blessed to be able to live a lifestyle that I love.





The 2014 March Winner
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Country Girl ® - March 2014


Shayla Shaw: Bozeman, MT Age: 23


I have been raised in Montana and know a hell of a lot more about cutting down trees, hunting, fishing, building houses, and starting up a fire than most ladies i know. I stay focused when i need to but enjoy a float down the river when it's time to relax. I can rock cowgirl boots or heels any day of the week and always know how to stay classy among the rowdiness. :P





The 2014 February Winner
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Country Girl ® - February 2014


Kassidy Stewart: Largo, FL Age: 21


I’m not afraid to get dirty-I have a pig so mud is nothing. I’m the sweetest girl and am protective of my family. I love Country music, Southern gentlemen, horses, hiking, and the mountains. My dream house would be a farm with room to ride horses with a gorgeous mountain view, hoping to make that a reality when I make Nashville my home this year. Oh, and this girl knows how to cut her jeans just right :)





The 2014 January Winner
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Country Girl ® - January 2014


Paige Seymore: Reynolds, IN Age: 20


I grew up raising my own show pigs from age 9 till now. I was an officer of my FFA chapter and a 10 year 4-Her showing pigs, sheep, boer goats and a rabbit. I woke up before school to do chores and worked in the barn till night fall every day as a kid and still do. While I showed, I won my county fair ultimate showmanship contest in 2010 and also many grand champions. Also I won at state and national level, not from mommy and daddies name or money, by my own back breaking work with my animals each day. I gave up every weekend during my summers showing all over my state. I am now working for a very large show goat farm, loading/unloading hay and straw, feeding 550+ does a day, etc. When not working with livestock, I love just love taking off in my 98 dodge ram down the gravel roads around my house, listening to red dirt on my pandora threw the radio, all while my best friend, my dog is by my side. I love riding quads and dirt bikes, fishing, hunting with my 44 rifle, my 54 cal muzzleloader, or my bowtech admiral. Taking pictures, helping out children with their 4-H projects and teaching them propped showmanship techniques. I almost always wear a ball cap, tshirt, boots and jeans, on a normal day. I grew up in a town barely 400 and was the only girl in my class of 9 all through grade school, I really am just one of the guys, I don't know how to act any other way. I am really down to earth, love my country, love my animals, and will do what ever it takes to prove I can do anything the boys can do, only prettier. Indiana proud, country girl forever, Paige :)





The 2013 December Winners
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Country Girl ® - December 2013


Kirsten Godfrey: Elizabethtown, KY Age: 22


I'm an outdoors woman through and through. I believe "Country" isn't a way of fashion, its a way of life! When it comes to hunting, fishing, or a good ol bonfire I'm there enjoying every minute of it! I believe I'd be the perfect Country Girl for you! ;)




Country Boy ® - December 2013


Tim Owens: Las Vegas, NV Age: 30


Hell no one is perfect. But I think since I was raised I was always taught the true meaning of country. Honest, trustworthy, stand up kind of guy. That just describes me. I work hard everyday to provide for my family and when I get a chance to play I play hard. And I'm raising my kiddos in the same way. Being country doesn't mean that you only listen to Jason Aldean or drive a jacked up truck. It means that you are true to your roots and to yourself. That you are proud of where you come from and stand tall in your own boots. And my wife is making me do this. ;)





The 2013 November Winners
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Country Girl ® - November 2013


Katie Bishoff: Trappe, MD     Age: 20


Being country means so many things. Sure, it means not being afraid of a little dirt or mud, it means country music, it means big loud trucks, and dirty old boots. Being country is all of these things, but it is also much more. It is being proud, being respectful, being wholesome, and being honest. It is being fun, caring, sweet, and reliable. It means being a beautiful person on the inside, not being jealous, catty, or mean. The term “country” means so many things. I am proud to be who I am. I love riding 4wheelers, getting muddy, rocking my cowgirl boots, fishing, and jamming to my country music. My family did not raise me on a farm or teach me to live the way I live, but that does not mean I am not country. They raised me on values and morals and taught me that family always comes first. They taught me to be a good person, to be sweet, to be thoughtful, and to be outgoing. They taught me to work hard and do a good job at whatever I do. They have taught me to appreciate everything I have, and to work hard for what I want. They have taught me everything I know. I have lived in the same small town since I was born. I have no desire to ever leave it. So many people say there is “nothing to do here” but in my eyes I have got everything I need. My boyfriend lives in the same town I do and it is also where his family farm is. We both plan on never leaving this town, and although I am still currently a college student, I plan on graduating in a few years and teaching at the elementary school that I went to as a kid that is right down the road. I love the idea of living a simple life, and that’s all I really want. Being a country girl means having a big heart and living a small life. I am 100% satisfied with the idea of getting married, being a kindergarten teacher, raising a family, and living in my hometown the rest of my life. I know I am nothing but country by the butterflies I get in my belly when I hear my boyfriend’s big truck coming up my drive, or the feeling I get hearing my favorite country songs. I know I am country because I feel my best when I am in some cut off shorts and cowgirl boots, and I feel my prettiest when I am in a little sundress and my boots. I know I am country by how proud I feel when I say I am a country girl. I am sweet, sassy, thoughtful, respectful, smart, determined, kind, compassionate, hard-working, devoted, and well-rounded. I am down to earth, intelligent, and fun. I am the many things that I believe a country girl should be which is why I believe I am a great pick for the Country Girl Contest!




Country Boy ® - November 2013


Tyler Shutt: Alburnett, IA       Age: 19


I was raised in the country. I Love riding horses, trucks, country music and being outside. Not only do I love riding my horse (Rocky) he is my best friend. I was raised to open doors and look you in the eye and shake hands. I am a real country boy not a city boy with boots and a hat on.





The 2013 October Winners
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Country Girl ® - October 2013


Brittney Glaze: Conyers, GA     Age: 24


I was born country! I love my cowgirl boots it's what I wear everyday! I love to hunt & fish & anything outdoors! I drive a truck and I listen to country music




Country Boy ® - October 2013


Robert Hicks: Allardt, TN       Age: 18


I'm just a simple country boy.





The 2013 September Winners
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Country Girl ® - September 2013


Becki Gillenwater: Paonia, CO     Age: 22


My name is Becki Gillenwater, and I am 22 years old. I am outdoors every chance I get! I love hunting, fishing, camping, four wheeling, riding horses, boating, hiking.. You name it, I most likely do it! I am confident in myself, I love taking pictures and I always have a smile on my face! I am positive in everything I do, which I think is very important to excell in anything. I am open to trying new things, and I believe I am a perfect country girl! Don't be afraid to ask any questions, and let me know if you need anything else from me! Thanks!!




Country Boy ® - September 2013


Cody Crunelle      Age: 25


Wether it be fishing, bull riding or hunting, give me a field and a four wheel drive and ill be living it up country boy style. I serve in the United States Air Force and in my free time love to be out doors always. Born and raised country i wouldn't pick a different life style if i could. Proud to be a country boy till the day I die GOD BLESS AMERICA.





The 2013 August Winners
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Country Girl ® - August 2013


Amanda Klemm: Cranesville, PA     Age: 23


I love everything country from hunting fishing getting muddy to working with my horses. If it involves the outdoors there will always be a smile on my face. I've never met another girl who is harder more hands on working than I am.




Country Boy ® - August 2013


Michael Pockat: Killeen, TX     Age: 29


I think I am a perfect country boy just because its in my blood, my soul, right down to the bone. It's the only life I have ever known. Grew up in home were you worked hard for what you have and give the shirt of your back. Treat a lady the way you would like to be treated. Love to hunt, fish, mudding, mud drags, riding horses, fixing cars. I am just your basic down home country boy who happens to a redneck romeo.





The 2013 July Winners
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Country Girl ® - July 2013


Brandy Schiffer: Rosebud, MT     Age: 19


I love being on the ranch riding horses, gathering cattle, riding dirtbikes, i was raised to be a good woman and i am. i just love being out in the country it is so relaxing, i think i am the perfect country girl, cuz i was born and raised a Country Girl :)




Country Boy ® - July 2013


Jacob Muegge: Walterboro, SC     Age: 20


There is no other place that I love to be other than on the farm getting down and dirty! Be it; Training Horses, tilling up the fields, spreading manure, or Hunting Deer, Turkey, or Wild Hogs. I love getting in my Truck and hitting the Mud Holes and I live in my Wrangler or Carhartt Jeans & Cowboy Hat!





The 2013 June Winners
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Country Girl ® - June 2013


Jessica Lucas: Catlettsburg, KY     Age: 27


I am an eastern Kentucky native who enjoys the outdoors and being on the farm! This photo is released from Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue and the calendar shoot we did to raise money for the rescue group. I love animals! I have one weiner dog, Layla, and three Tennessee Walkers; Bella, Macho Man and Grand Illusion. I've recently began learning to ride show horses. I support local animal rescue groups around my tri-state area and am excited to learn more about farming from my boyfriend! Country Girls should keep it classy and simple. :)




Country Boy ® - June 2013


Wesley Markham: Dunellon, FL     Age: 32


I can't say I'm perfect; but I can say that I am 100% country! My parents taught thruthfulness, honesty, work ethics, and God. My job...a Cowboy! It's my life and it comes naturally. My hobbies are hog hunting, fishing, gator hunting and rodeos. Especially rodeos..this is my passion, this is what I do. It's bragging rights; you get respect. You get noticed by the good horses you ride (and) the ability to get something done I have a case full of belt buckles, along with prizes such as caps, blankets, ropes, breats collars, reins, halters, saddles and more. I work hard thoughout the week on a ranch. My horse, my dogs and my skills are what makes working the cattle complete. A trained horse, along with dogs, that works upon my command, is ready to make any job or task much easier. A true definition of a County Cowboy is God 1st Family 2nd, and a Cowboy FOREVER!





The 2013 May Winners
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Country Girl ® - May 2013


Felisha Correll: Pocatello, ID     Age: 18


My name is Felisha and I'm the perfect country girl because country isn't just the clothes I wear, and what I do on the weekends. It's the way I live my life, it's the way I was raised and I wouldn't have it any other way. My mother and father taught me that family is very important and number one. We do everything together. We restore old vehicles, snowmobile, camp, fish, HUNT, mud- bog, four-wheel, dirt bike, boat, and anything else we can think of. My dad taught me the importance of hard-work and dedication, thankfully for him I can keep up with any country boy! I am not afraid to get a little oil on my hands from a truck motor, blood from gutting a deer, or a little mud on my boots from shoveling dirt. It's just the way I live my life and I'm proud of it.




Country Boy ® - May 2013


Cody Brooks: Puxico, MO     Age: 19


I think I make the perfect country boy because I live life for today other words, I like I was dying tomorrow. I rodeo for a living as I also am a heavy equipment operator. I drag race, build monster trucks. I love nothing better than being on a backroad with my baby beside me and a six pack of ligth listnen to old Hank!





The 2013 April Winners
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Country Girl ® - April 2013


Destiny Pratt: Knoxville, MD     Age: 18


I'm Destiny Pratt from a small town in Maryland! I enjoy modeling, pageants, my dirt bikes, camping, country music, and playing in the mud. I believe being a country girl is how you were raised and the way you carry yourself. Any southern charm has what it takes to get down n' dirty but be innocent and wholesome!




Country Boy ® - April 2013


Chuck Alexander: Erie, PA     Age: 41


I think my husband is the perfect Country Boy because being a country boy is more than saying the word "ain't" going fishing with a six pack and getting your belt buckle free with your Wrangler purchase. Chuck he keeps the Country music alive in everyone's hearts regardless of their favorite genre. If you want to see the true value of hard work and a true Country Boy come spend a night with Chuck. Everytime he hits the stage his music is for we the people, he promotes the United States veterans who gave their lives for the Country boys who's sweat and work ethics put Country America on the map. A true County boy is a Country rebellion who loves God, his momma, music and most of all the USA!





The 2013 March Winners
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Country Girl ® - March 2013


Kennedy Naquin: Lincoln, NE     Age: 18


I was born in Texas..most of my family is from the South. I have since moved back to the DFW area. I am a Freshman at UTA in Arlington. I live and breathe country music. I believe what sets us apart is we were born and blessed with a Country Boy/Country Girl Heart! Gone Country? Nope this girl was Born Country!




Country Boy ® - March 2013


Phillip Emery: Depew, NY     Age: 31


Being a country boy is a state of mind and state of play ;) I was born in Dallas, TX but was moved up here to NY when I was a youngster. I love country music, my cowboy hat and my boots. I treat my wife with the love and respect she deserves. Her and I met country line dancing, and are now proudly waiting on our little daughter Harley due on Nov 4th, 2010. I say my yes sir's and my yes ma'ams, I gladly hold the door open for people and work my butt off to provide for my family. I shake hands with strangers and always look them in the eyes when I'm talking to them. Hope y'all pick me but if not, thanks for reading =)





The 2013 February Winners
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Country Girl ® - February 2013


Amanda McKenzie: Naperville, IL     Age: 21


Hi there! My name is Amanda McKenzie & I work as a Cowgirl Model! I have been modeling full time for almost two years & I absolutely love it! I have experience as an agency represented model as well as a Freelance model. I have worked in many areas of Modeling from televised events to pageants, yet my very favorite area of modeling is in the Equestrian market! About me: I am 21 years old. I am both a country girl & country club girl! I wear boots & jeans during the day & when I'm working & doing photoshoots I love getting all dolled up! I am a huge animal lover! I have 7 pets & they are all my babies; 3 horses, a dog & 3 kittens. I love leading a healthy lifestyle. I am very active & I enjoy running, yoga & country line dancing. I also am in love with country music, my truck...That just about sums me up! I adore my job & I am so very thankful for it. When I'm not working I can usually be found riding, shopping or at country music concerts. Cowgirl Modeling is the perfect fit for me because I adore the laid back lifestyle I lead, yet I am also a glamour girl & I love my high heels just as much as my cowgirl boots. I love gettting to combine my two worlds! I currently Model for many Designer Western Wear advertisements, Rodeo wear, horse tack & any riding/stable equipment. The more bling the better! The western world is very into big hair, cute boots/belts & sparkle & I love that! My most recent accomplishments include winning the 2012 Midwest Cowgirl Model Search. I was also published 4 times alongside one of my horses named Pistol in the Winter Edition of Cowgirls In Style Magazine that came out this month. The best thing about my job is that I get to work with my horses & I get to wear some of the CUTEST outfits, boots, accessories & tack! A typical day for me begins around 6AM. I start my day by going out for a run with my dog Lulu. Then I head out to the barn to feed my horses, clean stalls, exercise them, groom and turn them out! Afterwards I get all cleaned up and get to work! After a long hard day, I feed the horses dinner and then relax at home with my family, dog and kittens. On weekends I love going out country line dancing with my friends! I am also a pageant girl & I am going to school to become a Therapeutic Horseback Riding Instructor. I would be so honored to represent the Country Girl brand because I truly value the simpler things in life. Faith, Friends & Family mean the world to me. I believe in working hard and enjoying all of life's blessings to the fullest! Thanks for viewing! :)




Country Boy ® - February 2013


Forrest Short: Ottsville, PA     Age: 18


I love the country. I live in rural Bucks County PA. There is no other way of life. Huntin' and fishin', muddin' and bon fires. Now thats livin'!





The 2013 January Winners
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Country Girl ® - January 2013


Brianna Stallard: Norton, VA     Age: 20


A Country girl is not just a term that describes how a girl lives life. It's who she is, where she's from, & what she believes. I'm a PROUD Christian , 20 year old from a little small town in Southwest Virginia called Norton. We may not have much to do around here but hey Country is a way of life & I plan on livin that way everyday. It's the best in my eyes. I couldn't be more proud of it. God, Great Family & Friends, Sports, four wheelers, trucks & bonfires is all a girl needs.




Country Boy ® - January 2013


Bryan Costello: Elk Grove, CA     Age: 27


I grew up in a town where our football game vs the rival school sold out weeks in advance. I was brought up on good country values; I still open doors and say yes ma'am. I got my first bb gun when I was eight. I was up on my grandparents property raising sheep and frog giggin with grandpa. I feel most comfortable in my old wranglers and worn out boots.





The 2012 Monthly Winners
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Country Girl ® - December 2012


Abby Wedding:  Lake Village, IN     Age: 18


I have owned and rode horses my whole life.I hae also shown cattle through out the years. I'm one of those girls who is out in the barn from sun up to sun down. If i'm not out with my horses you can find me at school or work. I work at a local car lot about 5 minutes from my home town. I detail all the cars on the lot. I wax, wash, and clean all the vehicles that my boss purchases. At school i'm the rebel girl who wears jeans and boots while everyone else wears flip flops and their pants a little to low. In the summer time you can find me at horse open shows barrel racing or working the arena on my pleasure horse. I'm a hard working country girl who is just trying to make it in this big old world!




Country Boy ® - December 2012


Brent Lewis: Marysville, OH     Age: 19


I am the perfect country boy because I spend my days riding mules or my good ol' beat up pickup truck, bailing hay, or treating lawns. I love to fish, riding dirt bikes, and play music. Since graduation I have traded in my beat-up pickup truck for a Diesel Duramax. I work on my truck in my spare time to prepare it for the truck pulls this summer. I have also started my own business doing landscaping aside from my full time job of lawn care. I can play guitar, bass, drums, and piano as well as sing. I have been in a few bands, two of which won battle of the bands 3 years in a row. I love to race. Whether it's muddin', motorcross, four-wheelers, stockcars, or trucks...the faster the better! My motto is "Live life like it's you last day on Earth".




Country Girl ® - November 2012


Cassondra Patterson:  Festus, MO     Age: 21


I'm a country girl who always has a hankerin for getting into somethin! I can make any situation into a fun one :) let's go muddin, fishin, climb on top of Knob Tower, ride horses, camp, float, tear up some dirt in our pickup truck/four wheeler! I'm a hell of a dirty girl but i'm still a lady y'all.. I like to pretty while doin it all, stay fit, and be elegant and go to the wineries :) this no stoplight, church pew, bar stool kinda small town girl is anything but another typical redneck chick, promise!Miranda Lambert is my idol, and Tim McGraw is my man ;) PICK THIS warm-hearted, fun seeking, gun shooting, horse owning gypsy of a country girl to your next COUNTRY GIRL OF THE MONTH! :)




Country Boy ® - November 2012


Andrew Mason: Fountain Valley, CA     Age: 24


I know i have what it takes to be the Perfect Country Boy ! Bewtween growing up in Nevada and Arizona, i have Friends in Low places that will vouch for who i really am ;-)!




Country Girl ® - October 2012


Savannah Ross:  Santa Rosa, CA     Age: 19


I am a born and raised California native. Ever since I was a little girl I was out playing in the dirt with my two older brothers. I have a horse named, Little Joe, who I take out riding on the trails. I am a true country girl at heart, and don't mind to play in the mud, but I am as sweet as a Georgia Peach!




Country Boy ® - October 2012


Matthew Ryan: Wrightwood, CA     Age: 21


When I'm not working at the two gun shops you can find me shooting mostly rifles, my compound bow, or working on my 76 Dodge farm truck. I'm as loyal as a dog to my high school sweetheart. I have fun hunting and camping on horse back. Taking the horses down to the creek and let them cool white I fish under a big oak tree. I'm just a good ol dirt road country boy.




Country Girl ® - September 2012


Lauren Reid:  Fort Wayne, IN     Age: 18


What makes me a country girl isn't simply the fact that I grew up in small town Indiana riding horses since before I could walk and working on farms with animals my whole life…what makes me a true country girl is my willingness to serve my country. I leave for the United States Army in 29 days and plan on serving for the rest of my life. What I really wanted to do was become a lg. animal vet and work on horses and live out a simple life, but God has something much bigger and better planned for me in the Army. I may not look like a typical soldier (especially because I am a girl) but its my full intention to prove everyone wrong that doubts me. With God and family on my side I am going to make the world a better place and remain faithfully a country girl until the day I die.




Country Boy ® - September 2012


Dillion Lindley: Winters, TX     Age: 18


Im a born n bred country boy because I was raised in the country an I can hunt, fish, ride, and do just about anything u need me to do on the ranch. I work the family ranch, which is over 900 acres in two different places, with my uncle and grandpa. I have a thick accent and you'll rarely catch me out of my boots an jeans or my ol hat.




Country Girl ® - August 2012


Jessica Schneider:  Monroe, LA     Age: 21


I'm Jessi, but my mama wanted to name me Josephine because I just looked so Southern. Playing the blues is what I love to do, since I took up banjo at age eleven. I also love to fish with my cane-pole off the dock, feet in the water, using live bait. I love me some mud! Hunting is also a passion, shotgun or bow and arrow. I'll grown and kill you a meal and meanwhile fix your car, looking good doing it. Even my comic eleven-years runnin' is about some country kids from Louisiana. I've got an obsession with frogs ever since I was a baby. I've been a tomboy for life, and I grew up into a true country bumpkin of a woman, easy-going but strong, faithful, and stern, I'll go from beauty queen to mud in seconds. My goals in life are simple; I want a big porch, a good husband, good kids, a fridge full of beer, and a lake! No big house needed. But a tractor wouldn't hurt =) It's all about the farm life for me, and good Lord willing I'll be voted as country girl of the month. Alongside my simple goals, I also plan to attend Police Academy to become an officer and hopefully a detective one day. I'm also becoming interested in taxidermy - yes, odd for a girl, I know. But taxidermists are the ones who allow us to be able hang our deer on our walls! I would be honored to be selected as Country Girl of The Year. I've never been one for contests but this one means something to me because it's been fun entering the Country Girl contest and then finding out I won in August and reading everyone's bios and seeing their pictures. Thanks y'all!




Country Boy ® - August 2012


Alex Ideus: Hastings, NE     Age: 20


I am a farm country boy that loves to be out side in a feild with in a tractor or on my horse my favorite this is to ride atvs and have a good time with frieds. Keep me out of the town or city and keep me in the country ware i belong and im happy im a vary fun country boy!!!




Country Girl ® - July 2012


Leanna Gubbels: Laurel, NE     Age: 19


I am the perfect Country Girl because country basically describes me entirely. I've lived on a farm all my life and have shown goats, cattle, and horses in 4H. I was president of my FFA chapter and by going to the National Convention was how I discovered Country Girl Clothing. Country music defines my life and one time when I was headed home from a rodeo, I heard The Farm's "Home Sweet Home" for the first time, but I couldn't remember the name of it, just that I thought it was perfect because I was missing home so much. Then, after I figured out what song it was, I met The Farm at our school's spring fling and Nick thought I was funny because I was so straight forward about everything and real....just like country folk should be. I always put my family first and treat my friends the same. I love being outside, hiking, hunting, and fishing. I just love life!! :)




Country Boy ® - July 2012


Justin Coomer: Cocoa, FL     Age: 20


Since I was a little boy, I have always listened to Country Music and played in the mud. I love huntin', fishin', and anything outdoors. I like nascar and only listen to country music. Ain't nuthin better than livin this life country.




Country Girl ® - June  2012


Kayla Carolus: Antioch, TN     Age: 20


I was raised in the mountain of central Pennsylvania! Love muddin', 4-wheeling, motocross, bonfires, boating, camping, and country music! I am also a competition dancer and when I was told I needed to 'GET TO THE CITY'…..I thought oh noooo - I'm too country for the city...BUT, then I discovered Nashville! I moved to Nashville 2 years ago and even though I am pursuing a career in dancing/acting/modeling - I am TOTALLY surrounded by country livin'' and it feels just like home! I LOVE country music and was actually in a music video of YOUR country boy of the year, Mike Short Jr's, I have also been in several other country music videos!




Country Boy ® - June 2012


John Johnson: Deer Park, TX     Age: 30


Because Im a down to earth, old fashioned good ole boy. I don’t need the finer things in life, just the bare necessities. I have the biggest heart in the world and would give you the shirt off my back. I fight for what I believe in and my loved ones.




Country Girl ® - May  2012


Stephanie Pollard: New Braintree, MA     Age: 22


If you can imagine a town where everyone is related and there are still farms thriving to make it in this world thats the place that i love and live for it, It runs in my blood. I recently graduated college with a degree in education and plan to teach children the ways of life that still run these small farm towns that all the country songs talk about. I may not be a southern girl but i have worked through harsh winters to keep this place alive with my parents halling water up hills when there is no power from ice storms and having to make sure the cows stay hydrated! I would make the perfect country girl of the year because i am the all American girl trying to live the American Dream.




Country Boy ® - May 2012


Jon Klopman: Esperance, NY     Age: 21


Born and raised on a 100 acre farm of upstate NY. I love muddin in my ole Chevy, fishing, hunting, and gettin whiskey bent on the weekends. I was raised a hard worker and am strong in my beliefs. During the summer if im not slingin hay bales or wrenching on farm equipment im gettin rowdy and loud at a field party.




Country Girl ® - April  2012


Meghan Snyder: Lynnwood, WA     Age: 19


I'm the perfect country girl because, I was born in Virginia, raised in North Carolina, I have moved around a lot but no matter what I have always stayed true to my roots which is a country girl through and through. I love 4wheelers, lifted trucks, dogs, guns, and having fun. There is nothing like a sunny day with your windows down and having country music blaring through your speakers. I'm not scared of dirt, and I think every outfit should be completed with Cowgirl boots or bare feet:)




Country Boy ® - April 2012


Matthew Jessell: Lighthouse Point, FL     Age: 18


I'm born and raised in the south. I love to spend time with my friends and family. I love to go hunting, fishing, muddin, party, spend time at bonfires. I blast my country music proudly and just enjoy life.




Country Girl ® - March  2012


Stephanie Houts: Lockport, IL     Age: 19


Im the perfect country girl, because im sweet and down to earth but at the same time sassy in my own way. I love your clothing the style is one like no where else and i would love to be your country girl!




Country Boy ® - March 2012


Nick Gee: Grove City, OH     Age: 18


Country is what I am. The city is over rated.




Country Girl ® - February  2012


Lindsay Jurek: Murfreeboro, TN     Age: 20


I am in a country band. i sing/play guitar/write country songs. i live near nashville (the country capitol of the world!) i also am dating a super country guy thats into hunting/fishing (the usual) so i tag along and do all of those fun things as well, its perfect!!




Country Boy ® - February 2012


Robert Schwiesow: Morris, IL     Age: 27


I am 100% country to the bone! I was born and raised in the country. I love shooting my guns, working outside from sun up till sun down, and driving around in my jacked up Jeep Wrangler. I am also a proud veteran of the US Army of 3 1/2 years! God bless America!




Country Girl ® - January  2012


Cassie Rupp: Huntington Beach, CA     Age: 25

From CMT's hit show, Sweet Home Alabama
I am from a small town in Kansas and grew up living the simple life. I lived in Kansas my entire life learning to love the country and trying to convince others the importance of it and bragging about my roots in Southwest Kansas. I am currently on CMT's hit show, Sweet Home Alabama - People know me as Cassie from Kansas, the Farmer's daughter ;)



Country Boy ® - January 2012


Bradley Blackwell: Pearl River, LA     Age: 20

I am the perfect Country Boy because I am a God fearin', momma lovin', down home, outdoor country boy. Being outdoors and horse back is the place for me. And if I have my woman by side, then it just makes my time a lot mo' betta'!




The 2011 Monthly Winners
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Country Boy ® - December 2011


Mike Short Jr.: Ottsville, PA     Age: 20

I'm a student at Middle Tennessee State University. I also front the Country Band Mike Short Jr and StateWide. My face is familiar because I was a country bachelor on the season 1 CMT Reality Show, SWEET HOME ALABAMA. I dress to impress for all of my public performances and I feel I would be the perfect marketing strategy for your clothing line.



Country Girl ® - November 2011


Brandi Johnson: Lexington, OH     Age: 33

Always have and always will be a Country Girl at heart! Doesn't matter where I go or where I've been, I carry country in my heart! Plus, I'm a huge fan of your store!! :)



Country Boy ® - November 2011


Shawn Tyler Horner: Newnan, GA     Age: 18

I love baseball, hunting, fishing & working on cars... I am a hard worker & a good christian boy... My momma says I am her soul...(my twin brother Tanner is her heart & my sister is her Hope...(& that is my sisters name too Hope) My mom is the best lady I know.



Country Girl ® - October 2011


Michelle Martin: Circleville, OH     Age: 20

I was born and raised on a farm and rode my first horse when I was less than a year old. My dog is my best friend and my favorite place in the world is my barn. It's where my favorite childhood memories are and to me it is beautiful. . .even with all the manure and rust.


My favorite thing to wear is my camo hat, but I keep a lil black dress in the back of my closet for when I need it. I can wear boots or stilettos, but I prefer being barefoot, especially outdoors.

To top it all off, I grew up singing Hank Sr. and Conway Twitty, and today I make a living as a country singer. I am in love with Nashville and I travel there often. Next month I am opening up for Joe Diffie at the Huntington Ribfest in Huntington, WV.




Country Boy ® - October 2011


Spenser Craig: Corona, CA     Age: 22

Cause im a true cowboy! raised in Norco,CA horse town USA. I ride horses and bulls, love shootin, workin with my hands and gettin dirty. 'Merica is my homeland, God has blessed the USA. And of course what country folk doesnt believe in salvation throught Jesus? ;)



Country Girl ® - Sept 2011


Rebecca Landry: Lockport, LA     Age: 31

I wear many hats in life but my favorite is a cowboy hat! I have a love of deer hunting, a lil fishin, 4wheel'n in the woods and cruisin around in my jacked up Jeep but best believe I have on my lipgloss!! That's right I will kick off my stilettos and pull up my mud boots at a moments notice for a lil fun. Life is too short to keep yourself in one genre, so I say DO IT ALL.



Country Boy ® - September 2011


Jeff Streeter: San Antonio, FL     Age: 37

I'm the perfect "COuntry Boy" because I am what I am!!!!



Country Girl ® - August 2011


Keri Sprouse: Hodges, SC     Age: 19

I may have a city girl look but don't be fooled. I love to spend my time outdoors fishing, hunting squirrels, and riding through the mud. Spending nights out on the porch or by the campfire are the best!



Country Boy ® - August 2011


Neil Austin Imber: Friendswood, TX     Age: 21

Why am I the perfect Country Boy? I love wearing my cowboy boots instead of tennis shoes. The word "yall" sounds like music to my ears. I enjoy writing, listening to, and performing country music. Country feels like home!



Country Girl ® - July 2011


Sarah McCoy: Knob Noster, MO     Age: 18

I believe that I am the perfect Country Girl because I love being on the farm, it is my favorite place to be. I love working on the farm and being around all the animals. I also enjoy going to rodeos and being active in the FFA. I am my chapters secretary and I try to get as involved with the FFA as much as I possibly can :)



Country Boy ® - July 2011


Brandon Boltenhouse: Grove City, OH     Age: 18

I believe I am the perfect Country Boy because of the values that I have and hold to be true. Country Boy is not always about how you look but what you stand for. I stand true to my beliefs in this country, my family and God. Not much more to be said as to why I would be the perfect country boy other than I was raised on a small farm outside of Circleville Ohio, I ride horses, 4-wheelers and have a Ford pick up truck. A good ole boy born tried and true, born and bread.



Country Girl ® - June 2011


Alexandra Hookway: O'Fallon     Age: 18

Why am I the perfect Country Girl? First off I love the country lifestyle, everything about it I love. The clothes, activities, and the attitude. I ride horses both english and western and compete nationally. I go to rodeos during the summer, which is a blast! the best people and the best times are made during visits to rodeos. My friends and I are considered the "country group" in our town. We get in the trucks and drive around country roads for no reason, just to have fun. We go muddin in the rain and have truck pulls for bragging rights. The song She's Country is literally my national anthem, blasting that song and country in my truck is a big must! When i speak to my friends I use the words winder aka window, rank, and ya'll. like Trace Adkins says its "Nice to find some spice in the sugar".



Country Boy ® - June 2011


Levi Lookabaugh: Richwood, OH     Age: 18

I am the perfect country boy because I live on farming, its in my blood. The rush and hard work, there is nothing similar because it's a one of a kinda of career.



Country Girl ® - May 2011


Kelly Woodward: Baton Rouge, LA     Age: 33

True Country Girls know how to shoot a gun, a bow, call a turkey in and ride a 4wheeler!! Country is about values tradition and family!! I love to hunt, fish and a good country concert!!



Country Boy ® - May 2011


Dana Wilson: Grove City, OH     Age: 41

I live to be outdoors. Have rode in the rodeo with the best of them. I can ride the wild bulls or ride my sportster!



Country Girl ® - April 2011


Brittany Rooney: Lenoir City     Age: 18

I am a true Southern Girl! Born in Macon, Georgia and raised in East Tennessee i have true southern home roots. I love shooting skeet off my point, i live on the lake. 4 Wheeling, hunting, fishing, being outdoors and shooting my pink shotgun are my favorite things to do. I love hanging out with my family around my house and lake and helping my dad with work on his Kubota! I am the perfect Country Girl.



Country Boy ® - April 2011


Dylan Smothers: Rock Hill, SC     Age: 18

i grew up in the small town of fort mill SC with my grandparents, my grandpa grew up hard, workin on the farm and he tought me how to be a southern gentleman and everything i need to know about everything! wether it was fishin' every weekend or takin time off school to go huntin from the time i was 5, i love to be outdoors. when my mama got married i moved to the city, but like they say "you can take the boy out of the country, but you cant take the country out of the boy". i still fish and hunt and help out on the farm every weekend getin back to my roots.



Country Girl ® - March 2011


Natalie Lowe: Spokane, WA     Age: 19

I think to truly be a country girl you have to have the right attitude. Country Girls know how to work hard, get dirty, and play hard, and that is me in a nutshell. I love the outdoors and anything that has to do with it. I love off roading, trap shooting, riding horses, and of course, hanging out with my country boys!



Country Boy ® - March 2011


Michael McGilvary: Eufalula, AL     Age: 26

Im a young Nashville recording artist, just trying to survive. Gettin' my name out there and makin' it do what it do! Thanks for your time.



Country Girl ® - February 2011


Brandi Worex: Newport, TN     Age: 20


I'm a Southern girl born and raised in the mountains of east Tennessee. I love country music, going 4wheeling, getting muddy, hunting, fishing, camo, big trucks, riding down country roads, looking for deer and rockin' my cowgirl boots! ;) I love to laugh and have a good time on the porch swing or by a bonfire with my friends and family! There's a whole lot more behind this smile but this is just a little taste of what makes me the perfect Country Girl!




Country Boy ® - February 2011


Jason Krause: Belle Plaine, MN     Age: 31


I am the perfect candidate for Country Boy because I absolutely live and breathe the country lifestyle and its music thru me each and every day. I'm 31 years old and a single father to two little ones and have been learning some Country Swing dancin' and tryin' to teach them too... we love it! I am also a part of a huge Country Group called The Yellow Bar that promotes anything and everything that has to do with Country Music and other Country Related events, Fundraisers etc... Being out in the country surrounded by corn is nothing new to me. I was born with country roots. My Family has three Farm sites with hundreds of acres that have been in our family well over 100 years and have been farmed for generations and generations. I have the old fashioned values and try to live each day as our Grandparents and Great Grandparents once did. The simple life of having a large family and workin' sun up to sun down on the farm has always been a dream of mine. I am super excited to see how much more appealing the Country Style and music has become to more and more people the past few years. I never go out without my "Boots On." and love to have a good time. I consider all the Country folk "Family" they have an incredible kindness to strangers and welcome you with open arms whether it's at A Country Festival or just out at a Concert or Rodeo. We are like one big family! I will be COUNTRY forever. Besides, nothing is more incredibly sexy than a COUNTRY Girl! Yee Haww Giddy Up! Thank you for your time and I appreciate you taking the time to make a contest like this available to us Cowboys!




Country Girl ® - January 2011


Tori Holman: Winnsboro, TX     Age: 21


A real country girl isn't afraid to get down and dirty! Whether it be ridin' my ATV showing up the boys who can't get through the mud holes, or helping my daddy build fence in 105 degree heat; all the time lookin' good doing it! I'm not afraid of a challenge, and I'm as bull headed as all get out! I gotta sexy swinging walk, and a big southern drawl! I got my tight fittin' jeans that drive the boys wild! And most importantly I can cook like your Grandma, except better! Just last night I fried up some deer meat (Yum gotta have that tender backstrap), fresh peas and rice, and some crunchy-cornered-cornbread of course! I'd say as a country girl..... I got it goin on:) Love, Tori Lyn Holman!




Country Boy ® - January 2011


Matthew Douds: Marengo, OH     Age: 21


I would make the best Country Boy because I have grown up in the country. I showed in the local fair for 6 years, and won Grand Champion Dairy Feeder my first year. Also, I have been hunting and fishing since I was little, it has become part of me. Funny story, I have been going to Country Jam for years. This past time they held it, I was out in the crowd enjoying the music, and realized people kept taking pictures of me, one person if said "Hey Jason, can I get a picture with you?" I was very confused, turns out people were thinking I was Jason Aldean. Ha! This is why I'm the perfect Country Boy.



The 2010 Monthly Winners
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Country Girl ® - December 2010


Anna Etapa: North Attleboro, MA     Age: 20


I believe I'm the perfect counrty girl because, even though I dont live in the counrty, or was raised on a farm, I AM STILL A COUNTRY GIRL AT HEART AND SOUL. I was raised in southern oregon with my father, (the biggest redneck you will ever meet), hunting, fiishing, and being out in the woods runs through his vains, and also mine! I may be a Hairdresser and a girlie girl but you would never believe that i own a gun and can actually shoot it better than most guys. I LOVE to fish i actually got a new fishing pole for valentines day! perfect romantic gift for a country GIRL. I can hold my own with the guys, i love to atv, snowmobile, snowboard, and get dirty! I AM THE PERFECT COUNTRY GIRL WITH A COUNTRYFIDE BOOTY! :)




Country Boy ® - December 2010


Fred Leasure: Chillicothe, OH     Age: 25


I am the perfect Country boy because Country runs in my veins. I do all the country activities.. 4-wheelin, camping, fishing, clear down to writing and singing Country music!




Country Girl ® - November 2010


Kattie Mckane: Homer, NY     Age: 22


Why would I make a great country girl of the month?? Well what can I say, but Im a country girl a heart! From my down home roots to my cowboy boots, Iv got a thing for man in worn out jeans, a Stetson hat and them alligator boots, I can rock them high heel shoes but Id rather where cowboy boots cut off jeans & a baseball hat city girls can't do it like that!Iv got a heart of gold because I know the best things in life are free & the little things matter most. I didnt grow up on a farm or riding horse but I know country isnt where you live its a state of mind! I collect guitar picks and I try to get one from every country concert I get to attend, iv got some from Billy Ray to Alan Jackson to lady A and many more! Im known for my cowboy boots, most would say shes country by Jason Aldean describes me to a T! and hey Justin Moore I can back that truck up but can you??.




Country Boy ® - November 2010


Randy Alan: Pittsburgh, PA     Age: 20


Being a country music artist and growing up in a small town of less than a thousand I know what the country life is like. For us it was school, church, friends, family, and partying on the weekend. We all have country roots inside us and we all need to be proud of where we come from.




Country Girl ® - October 2010


Kayla Fleming: Concord, NC     Age: 18


I was raised in the country riding four wheelers, going "muddin" in big trucks and fishing. Ive never been hunting but its not because I dont want too its because I cant get anyone to take me :) for some reason they dont trust me with a gun.Give me a pair of worn out jeans and my cowboy boots anyday over a dress and a pair of heels! I'm just a simple girl who's always looking to have fun.




Country Boy ® - October 2010


Jeremiah Canaday: London, OH     Age: 28


I'm country to the bone. I might look like a city boy but my roots run deep in the country. I hunt, fish, play with guns, enjoy the peaceful wide open spaces, and I even get married in a country way.




Country Girl ® - September 2010


Byn Byers: Byron, IL     Age: 20


In 2003 I was involved in an ATV accident in which I lost my left leg below the knee. Ever since that experience I still love being outdoors and listening to country music and living life to the fullest!




Country Boy ® - September 2010


P.J. Seaboldt: Pleasant Hill, MO     Age: 19


I'm the perfect country boy because I Live on a farm, I rope, ride, and shoot. I wear my wranglers tight with a copehagen ring and calouses on my hands. I drive an old Ford truck, not some wanna-be import and talk with a southern drawl. So if you want a real country boy, i'm your huckleberry.




Country Girl ® - August 2010


Randee Cooke: Delaware, OH     Age: 23


I grew up in a ONE STOP-LIGHT TOWN in rural Ohio. My daddy raised dairy goats... I milked goats everyday... I'm not kidding. I also bottle raised orphan foals and showed horses for eight years. I wasn't afraid to get dirty... I'm still not. I love trucks, animals, and the outdoors... but I still know how to be a girl. I could ride a horse for hours, there is nothing like the smell of the grass and the trees. My parents raised me with down home baptist values, and while I have gone a bit off the narrow path.. I still cling to my roots. I eat, sleep and breath country. I hope you pick me :0)




Country Boy ® - August 2010


Justin Nottingham: Festus, MO     Age: 18


I'm the perfect country boy because I've been country since before it was cool. I love to rodeo and go huntin and fishin. i have two loves in my life and one is cassie and the other is 1984 chevy 3/4 ton 4x4 pickup. i grew up on the farms in illinois work from dawn till well past midnight if need be. i wear double h boots and wrangler jeans and love me some jack daniels.




Country Girl ® - July 2010


Abigail Rikas: York, PA     Age: 19


I am the perfect country girl. All through high-school I was known as the country-girl. Even through my first year of college, people have said that they recognize me by my cowboy boots, Carhartt jacket, and either Camo or cowboy hat. I love the country. Everything about it, from the way of life, to the way we dress. Country is not a place. It's a state of mind. Not every person has this state of mind.




Country Boy ® - July 2010


Steve Pfitzner: Sacramento, CA     Age: 28


I work on a ranch where i herd cattle and run bulls for the rodeo that we put on every weekend. i have a lifted 4x4 one ton chevy. born and raised in west texas. and i also work at a country bar where i give two step lessons. i accidentally wore my spurs to church this morning thats how country i am.




Country Girl ® - June 2010


Chelsie Bixler: Lockbourne, OH     Age: 18


I live in Ashville and a senior at Teays Valley High School, which is a rural school (we even have "Ride Your Tractor to School" day every year!). I'm 4'10, but have no problem holding my own to the country boys at school. I love the country life & of course country music! Jason Aldean and Lady Antebellum are my favs right now!




Country Boy ® - June 2010


Jordan Purcell: Lima, OH     Age: 18


Have grown up in the country outside of Lima, Ohio. I play electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, & some harmonica. I will be graduating high school in June and attending Ohio State majoring in musical composition & theory as well as philosophy.




Country Girl ® - May 2010


Brittany Weller: East Bethel, MN     Age: 18


I'm the perfect country girl because I'm a down to earth, farm grown, and I have a huge heart for animals! I have been around Hogs, chickens, dogs, cows and horses since I was born. The first time I was one a horse I was barley 5 months old. During the summer the rodeo and county fairs are my fav. place to be! and Hay Justin Moore ! I actually can "Back that thanng UP !" I know how to drive a truck ;)




Country Boy ® - May 2010


Tony Krueger: Bonner, MT     Age: 30


Well, I wouldn't say I'm the perfect country boy, but ill always be a cowboy. I drive pickup trucks, dirt bikes, and train horses. I'm a ex bull rider of 6 years (hurt my back), but had to give it up. Country born and cowboy grown.




Country Girl ® - April 2010


Shannon Cole: Oakhurst, CA     Age: 39


I think I am the perfect country girl because my heart truly runs deep in western beliefs & lifestyle. I believe that raising my boys in the country is the absolute best way of life ~ The cowboy way!




Country Boy ® - April 2010


Nick Drewer: Lynnwood, WA     Age: 19


Have grown up in the country outside of Lima, Ohio. I play electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, & some harmonica. I will be graduating high school in June and attending Ohio State majoring in musical composition & theory as well as philosophy.




Country Girl ® - March 2010


Christine Oelgoettz: Parker, CO     Age: 19


I am a perfect Country Girl because I am a Very outdoors type of gal. I ride dirt bikes, fly Airplanes and ride horses till I die! I am not afraid to have fun and be the girl god wants me to be! I have strong Morals good values and I keep my self well kept.




Country Boy ® - March 2010


Bryce Benson: Sheyenne, ND     Age: 18


I am 100% country boy. I would rather spend my days driving tractor and working on the farm than doing anything else. I will always be a country boy!




Country Girl ® - February 2010


Kara Tobey: Hubbard, OH     Age: 20


I live in a super small town where there's not much going on, unless you're like my friends and me. I'm down to Earth and love the outdoors. I love camping, hiking, lake and beach shores, not to mention I love riding my four-wheeler and getting dirty. I love having fun and going out, and listening/dancing to country music, of course! I love my cowgirl boots, ball caps, blue jeans and aviator sun glasses, and I wouldn't have it any other way! One thing I do want to add is that, ask anyone, I'm a caring person and I'd be your best friend if you let me. My boyfriend loves my big heart. I'm easy going, and just want to live a free life.




Country Boy ® - February 2010


Trenton Wilson: San Antonio, TX     Age: 25


I am the perfect country boy because I grew up in South Texas on a ranch. All my life I have hunted and fished and raised cattle. Friday nights consisted of my friends all coming out to the ranch and stirring up some dust.




Country Girl ® - January 2010


Gabrielle Belair: Carrollton, GA     Age: 21


I think I am the perfect Country Girl because I am a girl who loves to dress up but would so much rather be sitting in a tree stand! Born and raised on a farm and have been riding and showing horses since before I could walk. I have shot for fishing and hunting magazines and love anything outdoors. You will more than likely hear country music played in my car and mud on my tires. Country boys are my weakness and you will more than likely win me over as soon as we start talking about hunting!!




Country Boy ® - January 2010


Chad Pearce: Hazel Green, WI     Age: 26


I'm hillbilly deluxe and I love being a cowboy and riding horses...and I'm a good lookin cowboy??? ;~)




Country Boy ® - December 2009


Tyler Matock: Phoenix, AZ     Age: 23


I am the perfect "country boy" because I don't need a shirt or hat that says I am. I don't have to listen to the music to say I am. I just live that life, and that says, I know I am.




Country Girl ® - November 2009


Emily Suhre: Fenton, MI     Age: 18


I am the perfect country girl because I'm a down to earth girl who gets along with everyone, loves the country and small towns. I have basically been around horses my whole life and am now pursuing a bachelors degree in the equine field. As of right now I am at the University of Kentucky and I am planning on transferring to Montana Western University to pursue a degree more involved with the training of horses and I am hoping I will be able to join the rodeo team out there. I love my horses and going barrel racing with them, its such a thrill. One of my other favorite things to do is helping out other riders with their riding skills and horsemanship skills. I love going to the rodeo and country concerts, they are both awesome! I am obsessed with cowboy boots, cowboy hats, western clothing and belt buckles. Some favorite things I like to do are driving trucks, going mud bogging, having bonfires, listening to country music and hanging out with the country boys. Additionally, I have been involved with 4-H, my high school equestrian team, and the national barrel horse association.




Country Boy ® - November 2009


Craig Spenser: Corona, CA




Country Girl ® - October 2009


Angel Smith: Shawnee,KS     Age: 21


I am the perfect Country girl because I have every ingredient it takes to make a true cowgirl. I am from the heartland, what we like to call Kansas, I have been riding horses since I was 2, and competing in Rodeos since I was 11, I also model, I guess you can say I am a classy cowgirl that likes to get a little muddy.




Country Girl ® - September 2009


Kristina Carroll: British Columbia (CA)     Age: 27


I make the perfect Country Girl because, I love being out side working on my parents small farm, raising Draft Horses and Dairy Beef Steers. I have been involved in 4-H for ten years, I have a passion for showing animals. I am attending college to get my Bachelors degree in Animal Nutrition or Genetics. I also think I would make the perfect Country girl because. I'm not afraid to get down and dirty when it comes to working, I love going four wheeling and riding my draft horse Andy. I think younger generation girls could really look up to me as a role model because, I'm a hard worker, fun, honest, and a Country GIRL.




Country Girl ® - August 2009


Emily Black: Naples, FL     Age: 24


I am a country girl at heart, from Kentucky, where riding a horse as the sun goes down is the sexiest and best way to feel alive. I'm new down here, it's hard to have the best of both worlds, but once your a country girl, no city can change that. My Photos are on my page on my space.... With my big blue eyes and freckles.. Throw a cowboy hat on me, or better yet, a cowboy :) , and I'll make this town and any other a little more country.