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Legal : Country Girl® and Country Boy® Trademarks

Don’t mess with a Country Girl ®

Country Girl ® and Country Boy ® are registered trademarks of LML investments and our licensee Artbrands llc


You may look it up on the uspto.gov  We have both a word and a logo trademark since 2005 . We a multitude of categories and products that are trademarked and we take infringements very seriously.

Imitation is supposed to be a form of flattery. Sorry we are not flattered. We have a consistent record of going after bad guys (bootleggers, infringers) and we care about our brand.


We are a family owned business with very dedicated associates.
We protect the integrity, the quality and the care that we put into our brand. 

If you have any questions you may contact . enforcement@countrybrandclothing.com

Or Brussell@artbrands.com

If you would like to inquire about being a licensee please contact Anne Su at asu@artbrands.com and she will send you an application.


Thank you.

Country Girl ®